Earlier Sacred Books and Prophets



Muslims believe that God has sent several prophets to guide men. The Qur’an mentions some of them but also teaches that many existed that had not been mentioned. For this reason Muslims are obliged for a matter of faith to believe in all Prophets found in the Qur’an and in the Sacred Books attributed to them, and in case of those who had not been mentioned, not to place doubt about the possibility of prophecy of somebody considered as Prophet for some people, adopting a neutral position, regarded that this prophet is not posterior to prophet Muhammad (SAWS), since a clear reference exists in the Qur’an that he would be the last one of them. 

The Pillars of the Islamic Faith

The Pillars of the Islamic Faith are the following: 

 The belief in the unity of God (Tawhid) and that prophet Muhammad (SAWS) is His Messenger; 

The belief in the Angels; 

The belief in Revealed Books; 

The belief in all the Prophets, being prophet Muhammad the last one of them; 

The belief in the Day of the Final Judgment; 

 The belief in Predestination and Free Will. 

Text by Maria C.  Moreira & Marcia Vianna Gaspar.  


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